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Configure PPPoE

Note This menu is available only for SRX300 lines of devices and SRX550M device.

You are here: Configure > Device Settings > PPPoE.

PPPoE connects multiple hosts on an Ethernet LAN to a remote site through a single customer premises equipment (CPE) device (Juniper Networks device).

Use the configure PPPoE tasks to configure the PPPoE connection. The PPPoE wizard guides you to set up a PPPoE client over the Ethernet connection.

Note On all branch SRX Series devices, the PPPoE wizard has the following limitations:

  • While you use the load and save functionality, the port details are not saved in the client file.

  • The Non Wizard connection option cannot be edited or deleted through the wizard. Use the CLI to edit or delete the connections.

  • The PPPoE wizard cannot be launched if the backend file is corrupted.

  • The PPPoE wizard cannot be loaded from the client file if non-wizard connections share the same units.

  • The PPPoE wizard cannot load the saved file from one platform to another platform.

  • There is no backward compatibility between PPPoE wizard Phase 2 to PPPoE wizard Phase 1. As a result, the PPPoE connection from Phase 2 will not be shown in Phase 1 when you downgrade to an earlier release.

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