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Monitor RSVP Interfaces


You are here: Monitor > MPLS > RSVP Interfaces.

Use this page to view information about interfaces on which RSVP is enabled, including the interface name, total bandwidth through the interface.

Table 1 describes the fields on the RSVP Interfaces page.

Table 1: Fields on the RSVP Interfaces Page



RSVP Interface

Number of interfaces on which RSVP is active. Each interface has one line of output.


Name of the interface.


State of the interface:

  • Disabled—No traffic engineering information is displayed.

  • Down—The interface is not operational.

  • Enabled—Displays traffic engineering information.

  • Up—The interface is operational.

Active resv

Number of reservations that are actively reserving bandwidth on the interface.


User-configured subscription factor.

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