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About the Application Signatures Page

You are here: Configure > Security Services > App Secure > App Signatures.

Use this page to create, modify, clone, and delete application signature groups. You can view the details of predefined application signatures that are already downloaded.

All enabled and disabled application signatures on the device are displayed in a grid format. A message Once a new custom application signature is created or modified, the configuration is committed immediately to the device. is displayed at the top of the page.

A status message is displayed just above the grid. It shows the version number of the installed application, the latest version available, and whether you have downloaded or installed an application package.

Installed application package version : 0 | Latest version 3207 available | No application package is downloaded yet

Note If you successfully download an application package, the Install button is displayed. If you successfully install a downloaded application package, an Uninstall button is displayed.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 220 describes the fields on the Application Signatures page.

Table 220: Fields on the Application Signatures Page




Displays the application signature name.

Object Type

Displays the application signature object type.


Specifies the category of the application signature.


Specifies the subcategory of the application signature.


Displays the risk as critical, high, moderate, low, or unsafe.


Specifies the characteristic of the application signature.

Predefined or Custom

Displays the predefined or custom application signatures and settings that are configured on your device.


Displays the status of the application signature.

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