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Monitor UTM—Antivirus

You are here: Monitor > Security Services > UTM > Antivirus.

Use this page to view information and statistics of UTM antivirus.

Table 84 describes the fields on the Antivirus page.

Table 84: Fields on the Antivirus Page



UTM Antivirus

AV Key Expire Date

Displays antivirus licence key expiration date.

Update Server

Displays antivirus pattern update server settings.


Displays antivirus pattern interval.

Auto Update Status

Displays antivirus pattern auto update status.

Last Result

Displays last result of database loading.

AV Signature Version

Displays database version timestamp virus record number.

Scan Engine Type

Displays the information of the scan engine.

Pattern Type

Displays the pattern type.

Onbox AV Load Flavor Running

On-box AV is enabled.

Onbox AV Load Flavor Configured

Note: This option is available for SRX5000 and SRX4000 lines of devices.

On-box Antivirus (AV) is configured either in the heavy or light mode.

Antivirus statistics

Displays the antivirus statistics:

  • Statistics type:

    • Intelligent-prescreening Passed

    • Forwarded to scan engine

  • Scan Request:

    • Total

    • Clean

    • Threat-found

    • Fall Back

Clear Anti-Virus Statistics

Clear all current viewable statistics and begin collecting new statistics.

Click Clear Anti-Virus Statistics.

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