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Monitor Shadow Policies


You are here: Monitor > Security Services > Policy > Shadow Policies.

Use this page to check the policy list. You can enter a criteria and conduct a policy search. The search results include all policies that match the traffic criteria in the sequence in which they will be encountered.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Shadow Policies page.

Table 1: Fields on the Shadow Policies Page



Check Policies Search
Policy Context

Zone Policy

Specifies the source zone policy.

Options available are:

  • From Zone—Name or ID of the source zone. If a From Zone is specified by name, the name is translated to its ID internally.

  • To Zone—Name or ID of the destination zone. If a To Zone is specified by name, the name is translated to its ID internally.

Global Policy

Specifies that the policy defined is a global policy and zones are not required.

Packet Info

Source Address

Address of the source in IP notation.

Source Port

Port number of the source.

Destination Address

Address of the destination in IP notation.

Destination Port

Port number of the destination.

Source Identity

Name of the source identity.


Name or equivalent value of the protocol to be matched.

  • ah—51

  • egp—8

  • esp—50

  • gre—47

  • icmp—1

  • igmp—2

  • igp—9

  • ipip—94

  • ipv6—41

  • ospf—89

  • pgm—113

  • pim—103

  • rdp—27

  • rsvp—46

  • sctp—132

  • tcp—6

  • udp—17

  • vrrp—112


Enable you to search for a particular data in the page.


Enable you to get back to the default configuration.

Check Policies List

From Zone

Name of the source zone.

To Zone

Name of the destination zone.


Select according to the requirement:

  • Move Up—Enables you to move up the list.

  • Move Down—Enables you to move down the list.

  • Move to Top—Enables you to move to the top of the list.

  • Move to Bottom—Enables you to move to the bottom of the list.

  • Move to—Enables you to move to a particular point on the list.

Total Policies

Number of policies retrieved.

Default Policy action

The action to be taken if no match occurs.


Policy name

Source Address

Name of the source address (not the IP address) of a policy. Address sets are resolved to their individual names.

Destination Address

Displays the destination address.

Source Identity

Name of the source identity for the policy.


Name of a pre configured or custom application of the policy match.


Action taken when a match occurs as specified in the policy.

Hit Counts

Number of matches for this policy. This value is the same as the Policy Lookups in a policy statistics report.

Active Sessions

Number of active sessions matching this policy.

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