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About the Dynamic VPN Global Settings Page

You are here: Configure > Security Services > IPSec VPN > Dynamic VPN.

You can view and add, edit, or delete dynamic VPN global configuration options.

Note This menu is available only for SRX300 line of devices and SRX550M devices.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 271 describes the fields on the Dynamic VPN Configuration page.

Table 271: Fields on the Dynamic VPN Configuration Page



Access Profile

Select a previously created access profile from the list that is displayed.

Specifies the access profile that controls the authentication of users who want to download Access Manager. (You will need to select these access profiles when configuring the IKE gateway and dynamic VPN global options. You can use the same access profile to authenticate users in both cases, or you can use separate access profiles to authenticate downloads and VPN sessions.)

Note: This Access Profile option does not control authentication for VPN sessions. For more information, see Add a Gateway and Add a VPN.

Force Upgrade

Select the check box to enable or disable force upgrade. This option is enabled by default. Specifies an option to set up a program to automatically download the latest client and install it on the user’s computer when the setup program detects a version mismatch between the client and server. Otherwise, the setup program prompts the user to upgrade the client when it detects a version mismatch, but does not force the upgrade. If the user does not choose to upgrade, the setup program will launch the existing client version on the user’s computer.

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