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About the Category Update Page

You are here: Configure > Security Services > UTM > Category Update.

Use the Category Update page to download and install a new Juniper Enhanced Web Filtering (EWF) category. You can also use the predefined base filter and all categories in the base filter have default actions.

A base filter is an object that contains a category action pair for all categories defined in the category file. predefined base filters, defined in a category file, are supported for individual EWF categories. Each EWF category has a default action in a base filter, which is attached to the user profile to act as a backup filter. If the categories are not configured in the user profile, then the base filter takes the action.

Note If you have not installed the UTM license or if the license has expired, J-Web prompts you to install license to proceed with configuring the Category Update page. J-Web also provides the License Management page link for you to install the license on your device.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 232 describes the fields on the Category Update page.

Table 232: Fields on the Category Update Page



Base Filters

Select a predefined base filter for your category.

Installed Versions

Displays the number of category package installed version.

Check Latest

Opens a new browser page and displays the latest list of EWF category files.

Download Completed

Displays the number of downloads completed status.


Displays the category name of the base filter.


Displays the action for each of the categories in the base filter.

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