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Monitor Scheduler Maps


You are here: Monitor > Class of Service > Scheduler Maps.

Use this page to view information on assignments of CoS forwarding classes to schedulers.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Scheduler Maps page.

Table 1: Fields on the Scheduler Maps Page



Scheduler Map

Name of a scheduler map.

For details, click the plus sign (+).


Index of a specific object—scheduler maps, schedulers, or drop profiles.

Scheduler Name

Name of a scheduler.

Transmit Rate

Configured transmit rate of the scheduler in bits per second (bps). The rate value can be either of the following:

  • A percentage—The scheduler receives the specified percentage of the total interface bandwidth.

  • remainder—The scheduler receives the remaining bandwidth of the interface after allocation to other schedulers.

Rate Limit

Rate limiting configuration of the queue:

  • none—No rate limiting.

  • exact—The queue transmits at only the configured rate.

Buffer Size

Delay buffer size in the queue or the amount of transmit delay (in milliseconds). The buffer size can be either of the following:

  • A percentage—The buffer is a percentage of the total buffer allocation.

  • remainder—The buffer is sized according to what remains after other scheduler buffer allocations.


Scheduling priority of a queue:

  • high—Packets in this queue are transmitted first.

  • low—Packets in this queue are transmitted last.

  • medium-high—Packets in this queue are transmitted after high-priority packets.

  • medium-low—Packets in this queue are transmitted before low-priority packets.

Drop Profiles

Name and index of a drop profile that is assigned to a specific loss priority and protocol pair.

Loss Priority

Packet loss priority corresponding to a drop profile:

  • low—Packet has a low loss priority.

  • high—Packet has a high loss priority.

  • medium-low—Packet has a medium-low loss priority.

  • medium-high—Packet has a medium-high loss priority.


Transport protocol corresponding to a drop profile.

Drop Profile Name

Name of the drop profile.


Internal index for this particular rewrite rule.

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