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Monitor IPS Status

You are here: Monitor > Security Services > IPS > Status.

Use this page to view IDP Status, memory, counters, Policy Rulebase Statistics, and attack table statistics.

Table 91 describes the fields on the Status page.

Table 91: Fields on the Status Page



IDP Status

Status of IDP

Displays the status of the current IDP policy.

Up Since

Displays the time from when the IDP policy first began running on the system.


Displays the number of packets received and returned per second.


Displays the maximum number of packets – received per second and the time when the maximum was reached.


Displays the aggregated throughput (kilobits per second) for the system.

Peak Kbits

Displays the maximum kilobits per second and the time when the maximum was reached.

Latency (Microseconds)

Displays the delay, in microseconds, for a packet to receive and return by a node .

Current Policy

Displays the name of the current installed IDP policy.

IDP Memory Statistics

PIC Name

Displays the name of the PIC.

Total IDP Data Plane Memory (MB)

Displays the total memory space, in megabytes, allocated for the IDP data plane.

Used (MB)

Displays the used memory space, in megabytes, for the data plane.

Available (MB)

Displays the available memory space, in – megabytes, for the data plane.

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