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    compute-node compute-node-name {interfaces {aggregate aggregated-interface-name {aggregated-ether-options {hash-policy hash-policy-option;miimon miimon;}family inet {address ip-address;}}bridge bridge-name {family inet {(address ip-address | dhcp);}interface bridge-interface-list;management;}ethernet ethernet-interface-name {enable-passthrough;ether-options {ieee-802-3ad aggregated-interface-name;}family inet {(address ip-address | dhcp);}management;mtu mtu-size;}}}mac-address mac-address;monitor-cpu normal threshold;monitor-memory normal threshold;monitor-storage normal threshold;syslog {facility level;}}

    Hierarchy Level

    [edit services app-engine compute-cluster compute-cluster-name]

    Release Information

    Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.3.


    Create a compute node. A compute node is the interface with the VSE device that runs the host operating system (host OS). A compute node is a member of a compute cluster. Each compute node requires that you configure network interfaces and the media access control (MAC) address of the compute node that you want to create. Configuring the syslog statement is optional.

    When you commit the compute node configuration, the compute node is booted. Compute nodes bootstrap using network boot, or PXE. For instructions on how to enable PXE and complete setting up the compute node for applications, see Configuring the DHCP Server and TFTP Server for Compute Nodes.



    Name of the compute node. When you commit the compute-node name, the compute node is booted with that name as the operational node name. Any time you change the compute-node name in the CLI, the compute node needs to be rebooted.

    The remaining statements are explained separately.

    Required Privilege Level

    system—To view this statement in the configuration.

    system-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

    Published: 2014-04-04