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    Uploading Topologies

    A topology file set is a compressed file (.zip or .tgz) that contains topology.vmm and all configuration files for the pertinent vms. You can create this file in Linux or Apple, or by using 7zip or WinZip (or other generic compression tool) in Windows. You can upload a topology file set (a .zip file or .tgz file) consisting of:

    • A topology.vmm topology configuration file
    • A Junos OS CLI .conf configuration file for each Junos OS virtual device (optional). These files are stored in the configset folder, as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Configset File Contents

      Configset File Contents

      You upload a file set to a sandbox library for all users with access to that sandbox, as shown in Figure 2. Bank administrators can upload files to the bank library for all bank users to use.

      Note: See the Junosphere Network Topology Guide for more information.

      Figure 2: Uploading a Topology File

      Uploading a Topology File

      To upload a .tgz topology file set:

      1. Select Topologies > Manage Topologies.
      2. Click the Sandbox tab to display the libraries.

        Note: Users cannot add or modify bank or public libraries. See the Junosphere Network Topology Guide PDF Document for more information.

      3. Select a library from the list.
      4. Click the blue Upload Topology arrow on the upper left of the Topologies section.

        The Upload Topology dialog box appears.

      5. From the Libraries drop-down menu, select the library into which you want to upload the topology.
      6. Enter the name of the topology and add a description, if needed.
      7. Indicate whether the file is downloadable, savable, or both.
      8. In the File Set field, browse to the location of the file to upload.
      9. Select the file set and click Upload.

      Once a topology is loaded, all users with access to that library can see it.

      Note: You must upload a topology file set with the .tgz or .zip compression file extension.

    All topologies have two properties: downloadability and savability. Both of these properties are specified when a topology is uploaded into a library.

    • Downloadability—A topology marked as downloadable can be downloaded by any user (by right-clicking on the topology and selecting Download file set) and can also be saved as a different filename by any user. A topology not marked as downloadable cannot be downloaded or saved by any user. Downloaded topology file sets are in .zip format only.
    • Savability—Configuration changes made to a topology marked as savable can be saved by any user when the topology is running. Users who have library management permission can save non-savable topologies, as well.

    To delete a topology file set:

    1. Select Topologies > Manage Topologies.
    2. Click the appropriate tab.
    3. Select the topology that you want to delete.
    4. Click the Delete icon in the upper left side of the Topologies section.
    5. Confirm your deletion.

    To download a topology, see Saving Topologies from a Library.

    Published: 2013-08-15