Junosphere Release Highlights

Junosphere provides a virtual network environment in which you can configure network devices in the same manner as on a physical network.

In addition, this release supports topology copy, topology auto-save, and rich tool tips for all of the icons in the toolbar of the Topology Wizard. A similar tool tip is also available after the icon has been dragged onto the canvas.

New Junosphere Features

This release provides the following new features:

Supported Browsers

Junosphere is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox 19.0 or greater and IE 9.0 or greater. In IE 9.0, Compatibility View must be turned off in order to view the user interface. If it is turned on, the user interface does not display correctly.

Junosphere Connector Hardware Requirements

The PC requirements to support the Junosphere Connector software are:

Junosphere Java Requirement

Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 25

Secure Sockets Layer Requirement

SSL 7.1R1

Connectivity Software Requirement

You need to have a connectivity application, such as a telnet or ssh client or a remote access client such as Virtual Network Computing (VNC).