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    Quick Start for Bank Administrators – Setting up the Junosphere Environment

    As the bank administrator, you set up the Junosphere environment for your user community. You create sandboxes, add user accounts, set user permissions, assign capacity to each sandbox, and upload any bankwide topologies. Follow the numbered steps below.

    Step 1. Log In to Junosphere

    The first bank administrator receives an e-mail from Juniper Networks with the URL to the login page of the user interface, a username, and a password. To log in to the user interface:

    1. Go to the login page:
    2. Use the login information to log in. Accept the EULA. The Welcome page appears.

      Note: If this is your first time logging in, a dialog box for Required Settings also appears.

    Step 2. Add Users

    To add users:

    1. From the navigation tree on the left of the screen, select Administration > Manage Users.
    2. Click the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner to add a user. The Create User dialog box appears.
    3. In the Create User dialog box, add a username, e-mail address for the user. You can choose to let Junosphere generate a password, or you can specify a password. You can optionally add a name for the user.
    4. Click Create. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each user you want to add.

    Step 3. Create a Sandbox, Assign Your Users, and Allocate Your Junosphere Capacity

    To create a sandbox:

    1. From the navigation tree, select Administration > Manage Banks / Sandboxes / Libraries.
    2. In the Sandboxes section, click the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner. The Create Sandbox dialog box appears.
    3. In the Create Sandbox dialog box, select a bank (if not already selected), enter a name for the sandbox, and select the type (classroom, developer, or lab). You can optionally add a description for the sandbox.
    4. Click Create.

    Assign users to your sandbox:

    1. In the Sandboxes section, click the check box next to your sandbox.
    2. Click the View / Manage Users in the Selected Sandbox icon located in the upper left corner. The View / Manage Users dialog box appears.
    3. Click on the plus sign(+) in the upper left corner of the dialog box and assign users to the sandbox.

      If no users are shown, return to Step 2. Add Users and add them.

    4. Assign each user one or more permissions for this sandbox.

      The permissions are Topology Management (start/stop topologies), Library Management (create/delete sandbox libraries and upload topologies to them), and Reservation Management (reserve time and capacity).

    5. Click the Add button to add the user to your sandbox.

    To allocate capacity:

    1. From the navigation tree, select Administration > Manage Capacity.
    2. In the Bank section, make sure the Regular tab is selected and click the check box next to the bank you want to use.
    3. Click the Assign Capacity to Sandbox icon in the upper left corner.
    4. Select a sandbox and enter the quantity of virtual machine units or connectors to assign in the pop-up dialog box.

    Step 4. Start a Network Topology From a Library

    To start a topology from a library, perform the following steps:

    1. Select Topologies > Manage Topologies to select the topology that you want to run.

      Click the Sandbox, Bank, or Public tab to access the topology you want to start.

    2. Click the check box next to the topology that you want to start and click the green Start button at the bottom right of the Topologies section in the upper part of the Manage Topologies window.
      • If you start a Bank or Public topology, a dialog box appears asking you to select a sandbox in which to start your topology.
      • If you have not created a reservation, a dialog box appears, asking you to create a reservation.

      Note: Only one topology can be active at a time per sandbox.

    3. Once the topology launch has been initiated, you will automatically be taken to Topologies > Access Active Topologies. A series of messages appears on the Messages tab in the Details section at the bottom of the Access Active Topology window, showing the progress of the virtual machines loading.

      When the topology is started, the Join button appears at the bottom right corner of the Topology Preview section.

    See the Junosphere Network Topology Guide PDF Document for more information.

    Step 5. Create a Bank Library (Optional)

    Create a library that all users of the bank can access and pre-populate topologies for your users.

    1. Select Administration > Manage Banks / Sandboxes / Libraries.
    2. In the Libraries section, select the Bank tab.
    3. Click the plus sign(+) in the upper left corner to create a new bank library.
    4. In the Create Bank Library dialog box, select a bank, add a name, then click Create.

      You can optionally add a description.

    Step 6. Send Notifications to Your Users

    To send notifications to your users:

    1. Select Administration > Manage Banks / Sandboxes / Libraries and go to the Sandboxes section.
    2. In the E-Mail Alias field, click on the e-mail alias of the sandbox that you want to notify. Share any specific topologies or task instructions you have for your use case.

      Note: You can enable the E-Mail Alias by clicking the check box in the Alias Enabled field of the sandbox you want to notify.

    Step 7. Buy Additional Capacity

    To buy additional capacity for a bank:

    1. Click the Click to Buy link on the login page. You can also go to

      If you are logged in to Junosphere, you can also click the How to Buy link at the bottom of the screen.

      A page appears that lists the types of capacity that you can buy: Classroom and Lab.

    2. Click the link for the type of capacity you want to buy.

      The page for that capacity appears, listing the purchase information for that type of capacity.

    3. Click the Purchase button.

    Note: Capacity expires one year after the date of purchase. Thirty (30) days before the expiration date, Junosphere sends an e-mail to the Bank Administrator as a reminder of the expiration date with instructions and a link for reordering capacity.

    Published: 2013-07-30