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    Monitoring Active Subscriber Sessions with Service Manager


    Display information about active subscriber sessions on your router.


    To display summary information for all active subscriber sessions:

    host1# show service-management subscriber-session brief
                                 Subscriber Sessions
         Name          Interface       Id   Owner/Id      State    Non-volatile  Sessions
    ----------------   --------------  --   ---------     ------   ------------  --------
    CLIENT1@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.3   1    AAA 4194326   Active   False         1
    CLIENT2@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.7   2    AAA 4194327   Active   False         1
    CLIENT3@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.4   3    AAA 4194328   Active   False         1
    CLIENT4@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.5   4    AAA 4194329   Active   False         1
    CLIENT5@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.6   5    AAA 4194330   Active   False         1
    CLIENT6@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.8   6    AAA 4194331   Active   False         1
    CLIENT7@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.1   7    AAA 4194332   Active   False         1
    CLIENT8@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.9   8    AAA 4194333   Active   False         1
    CLIENT9@ISP.COM    ip192.168.0.2   9    AAA 4194334   Active   False         1
    CLIENT10@ISP.COM   ip192.168.0.10  10   AAA 4194335   Active   False         1

    To display information for that particular subscriber with the subscriber name:

    host1# show service-management subscriber-session interface ip
    User Name: CLIENT1@ISP.COM, Interface: ip
     Id: 1
     Owner: AAA 4194326
     Non-volatile: False
     State: Active
             Name             mutex   Owner/Id      State                Operation
    -----------------------   -----   -----------   ------------------   ---------
    tiered(2000000,3000000)           AAA 4194326   ConfigApplySuccess   Activate
             Name             Non-volatile
    -----------------------   ------------
    tiered(2000000,3000000)   False

    To display information for that particular subscriber with the service session:

    host1# show service-management subscriber-session client1@isp.COM interface ip service-session tiered
    User Name: client1@isp.COM, Interface: ip192.168.0.1
    Service : tiered(2000000,3000000)
     Non-volatile : False
     Owner : AAA 41943236
     State : Config ApplySuccess
     Activate : True
     Statistics Type : time-based and volume-based
     Statistics Complete : False
     Poll Interval : 0
     Poll Expire : 0
     Activate Time : THU MAR 02 01:21:26 2006
     Time : 0
     Time Expire : 0
     Volume MB: 2
     Volume Expire MB : 1
     Input Bytes : 594
     Output Bytes : 1196
     Input Packets : 1
     Output Packets : 2

    To display information for a particular subscriber using the subscriber ID:

    host1#show service-management subscriber-session 20
    User Name: CLIENT50@ISP.COM, Interface: ip192.168.100.33
     Id: 20
     Owner/Id: CLI
     Non-volatile: True
     State: Active
          Name            mutex   Owner   State                 Operation    
    -------------------   -----   -----   -------------------   ---------
    internet(5000,8000)      12   CLI     Config ApplySuccess   Activate 
          Name            Non-volatile
    ------------------    ------------
    internet(5000,8000)   True


    Table 1 lists the show service-management subscriber-session command output fields.

    Table 1: show service-management subscriber-session Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    Name of the subscriber or name of the service session


    Type and IP address of the subscriber’s interface


    ID number of the subscriber session


    Index number of the mutex group to which the service session belongs


    Method used to activate the subscriber session (CLI, AAA) and ID number generated by the owner (Acct-Session-ID for AAA)


    Status of the subscriber session (active or inactive), or status of the service session


    Indicates whether the service session is stored in NVS; RADIUS-based service sessions are not stored in NVS

    Service Sessions

    Number of service sessions currently active for this subscriber


    Last operation that Service Manager performed


    Name of the service, with parameter values in parentheses


    Indicates whether the last operation was activate (True) or deactivate (False)

    Statistics Type

    Type of statistics collected; none, time, or volume-time

    Statistics Complete

    Whether statistics have been successfully collected; True or False

    Poll Interval

    Interval, in seconds, that interim statistics reports are sent

    Poll Expire

    Number of seconds until the next statistics report is sent

    Activate Time

    Day, date, and time when the service session was activated


    Time threshold value set by service session profile or RADIUS VSA

    Time Expire

    Time left until the threshold expires; this value starts as the time threshold value and is decremented as time passes


    Volume threshold value set by service session profile or RADIUS VSA

    Volume Expire

    Volume left until the threshold is exceeded; this value starts as the volume threshold value and is decremented as the service statistics measure volume

    Input Bytes

    Current value of input bytes that the statistics configuration is measuring

    Output Bytes

    Current value of output bytes that the statistics configuration is measuring

    Input Packets

    Current value of input packets that the statistics configuration is measuring

    Output Packets

    Current value of output packets that the statistics configuration is measuring

    Published: 2014-08-20