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    Monitoring RADIUS Dynamic-Request Server Statistics


    Display RADIUS dynamic-request server statistics.


    To display RADIUS dynamic-request statistics:

    host1#show radius dynamic-request statistics
           RADIUS Request Statistics
    -----------------------------   -------
    UDP Port                        1700
    Disconnect Requests             0
    Disconnect Accepts              0
    Disconnect Rejects              0
    Disconnect No Session ID        0
    Disconnect Bad Authenticators   0
    Disconnect Packets Dropped      0
    COA Requests                    0
    COA Accepts                     0
    COA Rejects                     0
    COA No Session ID               0
    COA Bad Authenticators          0
    COA Packets Dropped             0
    No Secret                       0
    Unknown Request                 0
    Invalid Addresses Received  :0 


    Table 1 lists the show radius dynamic-request statistics command output fields.

    Table 1: show radius dynamic-request statistics Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    Udp Port

    Port on which the router listens for RADIUS server

    Disconnect or COA Requests

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA requests received

    Disconnect or COA Accepts

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA requests accepted

    Disconnect or COA Rejects

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA requests rejected

    Disconnect or COA No Session ID

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA messages rejected because the request did not include a session ID attribute

    Disconnect or COA Bad Authenticators

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA messages rejected because the calculated authenticator in the authenticator field of the request did not match

    Disconnect or COA Packets Dropped

    RADIUS-initiated disconnect or COA packets dropped because of queue overflow

    No Secret

    Messages rejected because a secret was not present in the authenticator field

    Unknown Requests

    Packets received with an invalid RADIUS code for RADIUS disconnect or change of authorization

    Invalid Addresses Received

    Number of invalid addresses received

    Published: 2014-08-20