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    Monitoring PIM Group-to-RP Mappings for IPv6


    Display information about PIM group-to-RP mappings. You can specify the address of a group to view PIM group-to-RP mappings for a particular group. You can specify the mapping keyword to display all group-to-RP mappings that the router has recorded.


    To display information about PIM group-to-RP mappings:

    host1:8#show ipv6 pim rp mapping 
    PIM Group-to-RP mapping(s)
    Group(s) ff00::/12
      RP ::122:1,  priority 0,  via  static
    Group(s) ff0e::1:0/96
      RP ::120:1,  priority 0,  via  static


    Table 1 lists the show ipv6 pim rp mapping command output fields.

    Table 1: show ipv6 pim rp mapping Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    Prefix of the multicast group


    IP address of RP router for the multicast group


    This field is not functional


    Method by which the RP router was assigned (static, BSR)

    Published: 2014-08-19