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    Monitoring RSVP-TE Interfaces Where BFD is Enabled


    Display information about RSVP-TE major interfaces on which BFD is enabled.

    For point-to-point interfaces, this command displays a single secure association with the single peer at the remote end. For multiaccess type interfaces (Ethernet), this command displays, if present, multiple secure associations from the various RSVP speakers.


    To display information about RSVP-TE major interfaces on which BFD is enabled:

    host1#show mpls rsvp bfd interfaces
                     Bfd Enabled RSVP interfaces
                Minimum      Minimum       Minimum
    Interface   Interval   Rx-Interval   Tx-Interval   Multiplier
    ---------   --------   -----------   -----------   ----------
    ATM2/0.1    300        300           300           3


    Table 1 lists the show mpls rsvp bfd interfaces command output fields.

    Table 1: show mpls rsvp bfd interfaces Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    RSVP-TE major interface on which BFD is enabled

    Minimum Interval

    Minimum interval in milliseconds, used when the minimum receive interval and minimum transmit intervals have the same value

    Minimum Rx-Interval

    Minimum receive interval in milliseconds; minimum interval at which the local peer must receive BFD control packets from the remote peer

    Minimum Tx-Interval

    Minimum transmit interval in milliseconds; interval at which the local peer proposes to transmit BFD control packets to the remote peer


    Detection multiplier value; roughly equivalent to the number of packets that can be missed before the BFD session is declared to be down


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    Published: 2014-08-18