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    Monitoring MLD Proxy Interfaces


    Display information about all or specified interfaces on which you configured MLD proxy. To view information about a particular interface, enter an interface type and specifier, such as atm 3/0. You can use the brief option to display a summary rather than a detailed description.


    To display information about all interfaces on which you configured MLD proxy:

    host1#show ipv6 mld-proxy interface
    Interface ATM5/1.200 address fe80::f7:0:231a:0
    Administrative state enabled, Operational state enabled
    Interface parameters:
        Version 2
        State No v1 Router Present
        Unsolicited report interval 100 (in 10ths of a second)
        5 multicast groups
    Interface statistics:
        Rcvd: 0 v1 query, 0 v1 report, 25 v2 queries, 0 v2 report
        Sent: 0 v1 report, 0 v1 leave, 35 v2 reports

    To display summarized information about all interfaces on which you configured MLD proxy:

    host1#show ipv6 mld-proxy interface brief
    Interface       Intf Address       Ver State                UnSlTime
    --------------- ------------------ --- -------------------- --------
    ATM5/1.200      fe80::f7:0:231a:0    2 No v1 Router Present      100


    Table 1 lists the show ipv6 mld-proxy interface command output fields.

    Table 1: show ipv6 mld-proxy interface Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    Type of upstream interface. For details about interface types, see Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide.


    Address of upstream interface

    Administrative state

    State of upstream interface in the software: enabled or disabled

    Operational state

    Physical state of upstream interface: enabled or disabled


    MLD version on this interface


    Presence of MLDv1 routers on the same subnetwork as this upstream interface

    Unsolicited report interval

    Time interval at which this upstream interface sends unsolicited group membership report

    multicast group

    Number of multicast groups associated with this upstream interface

    Interface statistics Rcvd

    Statistics for messages received on this interface:

    • v1 queries—Number of MLDv1 multicast listener queries received
    • v1 report—Number of MLDv1 multicast listener reports received
    • v2 queries—Number of MLDv2 multicast listener queries received
    • v2 report—Number of MLDv2 multicast listener reports received

    Interface statistics Sent

    Statistics for messages sent from this interface:

    • v1 reports—Number of MLDv1 multicast listener reports sent
    • v1 leaves—Number of multicast listener done messages sent
    • v2 reports—Number of MLDv2 multicast listener reports sent

    Published: 2014-08-19