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    Monitoring Detailed Configuration Information for Specified Destinations


    Display detailed configuration information about specified destinations.


    To display detailed configuration information about specified destinations:

    To display information about a specific destination:

    host1#show l2tp destination ip 
    L2TP destination 1 is Up with 5 active tunnels and 64 active sessions

    To display information about all destinations:

    host1#show l2tp destination detail 1 
    L2TP destination 1 is Up with 5 active tunnels and 64 active sessions
      Administrative state is enabled
      SNMP traps are enabled
    Destination address
      Transport ipUdp
      Virtual router default
      Local address, peer address
    Destination status
      Effective administrative state is enabled
    Sub-interfaces total active failed auth-errors
      Tunnels      5     5      0      0
      Sessions     64    64     0      n/a
    Statistics    packets      octets       discards   errors
      Control rx  69           3251          2          0
      Control tx  195          23939         0          0
      Data rx     68383456     68383456      0          0
      Data tx     68383456     68383456       0         0


    Table 1 lists the show l2tp destination command output fields.

    Table 1: show l2tp destination Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    Configured status of the destination

    Administrative state

    Administrative status of the destination:

    • enabled—No restrictions on creation and operation of sessions and tunnels for this destination
    • disabled—Router disabled existing sessions and tunnels and will not create new sessions or tunnels for this destination
    • drain—Router will not create new sessions or tunnels for this destination

    SNMP traps

    Whether or not the router sends traps to SNMP for operational state changes

    Destination address

    Address information for the specified destination


    Method used to transfer traffic


    Name of the virtual router on which the tunnel is configured

    Local and peer addresses

    Addresses of the local and remote interfaces

    Destination status

    Effective administrative state—The more restrictive of the router and destination administrative states. This setting, rather than the administrative state of the destination, determines whether the router can create new sessions or tunnels and whether the sessions or tunnels are disabled for this destination.


    Sub-interface information about the L2TP destination


    Number of sessions or tunnels that the router created for this destination


    Number of operational sessions or tunnels for this destination


    Number of requests that did not reach an operational state for this destination


    Number of requests that failed because the tunnel password was invalid for this destination


    Information about the traffic sent and received


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    Published: 2014-08-20