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    Monitoring the IPsec Transport Interface Used to Secure DVMRP Tunnels


    Display information about a DVMRP tunnel or a list of DVMRP tunnels.

    If the tunnel is protected by IPsec, the show dvmrp tunnel detail command includes a line indicating the IPsec transport interface. The line is not shown for unsecured tunnels.


    To display information about a DVMRP tunnel:

    host1#show dvmrp tunnel detail
    DVMRP tunnel boston1 is up (tunnel is static)
    Tunnel operational configuration
      Tunnel name is 'boston1'
      Tunnel mtu is '10240'
      Tunnel source address is ''
      Tunnel destination address is ''
      Tunnel transport virtual router is vr1
      Tunnel up/down trap is enabled
      Tunnel server location is 4/0
      Tunnel secured by ipsec transport interface 1
      Tunnel administrative state is up
    Statistics    packets         octets          discards      errors
      Data rx     0               0               0             0
      Data tx     0               0               0             0
    1 DVMRP tunnel found 
    1 tunnel was created static


    Table 1 lists the output fields for the show dvmrp tunnel detail command.

    Table 1: show dvmrp tunnel detail Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    Tunnel name

    Name of the tunnel

    Tunnel mtu

    Value of the maximum transmission unit for the tunnel

    Tunnel source address

    IP address of the source of the tunnel

    Tunnel destination address

    IP address of the destination of the tunnel

    Tunnel transport virtual router

    Name of the virtual router associated with the tunnel

    Tunnel up/down trap

    Indicates whether or not the E Series router sends traps to SNMP when the operational state of the tunnels changes: enabled or disabled

    Tunnel server location

    Location of the tunnel server in slot/port format (ERX7xx models, ERX14xx models, and the ERX310 router) or slot/adapter/port format (E120 and E320 routers).

    Tunnel secured by ipsec transport interface

    IPsec interface that secures the tunnel

    Tunnel administrative state

    Configured state of the tunnel: up or down


    Details of packets received or transmitted by the tunnel


    Number of packets received or transmitted by the tunnel


    Number of octets received or transmitted by the tunnel


    Number of packets not accepted by the tunnel


    Number of packets with errors received or transmitted by the tunnel

    Data rx

    Received data

    Data tx

    Transmitted data

    Number of tunnels found

    Total number of DVMRP tunnels found

    Number of static tunnels

    Number of tunnels created statically

    Published: 2014-08-12