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    Monitoring User Information of the vty Lines


    Display information about users of the vty lines.

    • You can specify the all keyword to view information for all configured lines (both connected and not connected).
    • You can specify the detail keyword to view detailed information.


    To display information about users of the vty lines:

    host1#show users
     line                             connected
    number     line name      user       from      connected since
    ------   --------------   -----   ----------   ----------------
    0*       console 0                console      02/12/2001 19:57
    4        vty 3 (ftp)      fred   02/12/2001 20:04
    5        vty 4 (telnet)    02/12/2001 20:04
    Note: '*' indicates current user.

    To display detailed information about users of the vty lines:

    host1#show users detail
     line                             connected                          idle
    number     line name      user       from       connected since      time
    ------   --------------   ----   ------------   ----------------   --------
    0        console 0               console        08/14/2003 08:01   00:23:50
    1*       vty 0 (telnet)   08/15/2003 10:37
     line    virtual   privilege
    number   router      level      current command
    ------   -------   ---------   -----------------
    0        default   10
    1*       default   10          show users detail
    Note: '*' indicates current user. 


    Table 1 lists the show users command output fields.

    Table 1: show users Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    line number

    Number of the line to which the user is connected

    line name

    Name of the line, the service the line offers, and the relative line number


    Name of the user

    connected from

    Location or IP address of the user

    connected since

    Date and time that the user connected to the line

    idle time

    Amount of time it has been since an entry was made from this line (detail only)

    virtual router

    Virtual router used by this line user (detail only)

    privilege level

    Privilege level of this line user (detail only)

    current command

    Command currently being executed by the user over this line (detail only)

    Published: 2014-08-12