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    Monitoring Memory-Related Resources Used by the System Processes


    Display the amount of memory-related resources used by system processes. Because the router allocates memory to system processes in chunks, issuing the show processes memory command performs a cleanup process to gather unused, available memory for reallocation.

    You can display different output variations by using the application, slot, and virtual-router keywords. In addition, you can combine these keywords in specific ways to display information combinations of application, slot, and virtual router.

    The appearance of parentheses in the output is significant. The parentheses indicate “ partial accountability” of the current memory size. In other words, the values are accurate for the row in which they appear, but the memory value used for calculating the sum total for the column may be smaller than the value displayed. This can result in the sum total for the “ current size” column not matching the sum of the values that appear within the column. This disparity can occur under shared memory conditions where a portion of the memory size for one or more of the virtual routers may be accounted for elsewhere, resulting in a lower column total.


    To display system memory usage on a per-application basis:

    host1#show processes memory application
    *** Memory usage summary (by application, 37 total) ***
        application: *
             router: *
       app      size   utilization headroom
    ---------- ------- ----------- --------
    aaa            98K          3%     100%
    bgp            90K         28%     100%
    bridge          1M          4%     100%
    cli             3K          8%     100%
    dcm            64K          7%     100%
    dhcp          644K          0%     100%
    dns             4K          6%     100%
    dvmrp          36K          0%     100%
    ethernet        3K         75%     100%
    forwarding     20K         50%     100%
    gplaan         52K          0%     100%
    igmp            1K          0%     100%

    To display memory usage for all virtual routers on a per-router basis:

    host1#show processes memory virtual-router
    *** Memory usage summary (by router, 4 total) ***
        application: *
             router: *
       rtr     size   utilization headroom
    --------- ------- ----------- --------
    _unassoc_   (40M)          7%      99%
    default    (339K)         23%     100%
    test       (366K)         23%     100%
    vr5        (327K)         18%     100%
    --------- ------- ----------- --------
    Total:        41M          7%      99%

    To display memory usage for each data store associated with the specified router and for the specified application:

    host1#show processes memory virtual-router vr5 application ip
    *** Memory usage summary (by VRF) ***
        application: ip
             router: vr5
    vrf  size   utilization headroom
    --- ------- ----------- --------
    vr5   (19K)         48%     100%


    Table 1 lists the show processes memory command output fields.

    Table 1: show processes memory Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    Memory usage summary

    Statistical information about the memory usage information being displayed


    Name of the application being viewed (if applicable); asterisk (*) if no application is specified


    Name of the virtual router being viewed (if applicable); asterisk (*) if no virtual router is specified


    Application to which the statistics information applies


    Virtual router to which the statistics information applies


    Virtual routing and forwarding instance to which the statistics information applies


    Special virtual router output category that summarizes all memory that is not currently associated with any particular virtual router

    current size

    Amount of memory reserved by the listed application or virtual router


    Percentage of reserved memory currently used for the listed application or router


    Amount of memory overage available to each listed application or virtual router (if needed); 100% indicates an unlimited headroom (that is, no memory limits are set for the application or virtual router)

    Published: 2014-08-12