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    Monitoring DVMRP Routes


    Display information about DVMRP routes.

    You can specify an IP address to display the best route to that address or specify an IP address and subnet mask to display the route that exactly matches this IP address and subnet mask. You can use the brief keyword to view a summary of information. You can specify an interface type and specifier to display routes associated with that interface. For details about interface types and specifiers, see Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide.


    To display information about DVMRP routes:

    host1:boston>show ip dvmrp route 
    Prefix/Length        usNbr/Owner       Metric ExpireTime UpTime Interface         Dvmrp Local          1      Never     18   atm5/0.14
        Downstream Interface(s)
            atm5/0.15         Dvmrp Local          1      Never     18   atm5/0.15
        Downstream Interface(s)
            None             2        129     11   atm5/0.14
        Downstream Interface(s)

    To display a summary of information about DVMRP routes:

    host1:v3# show ip dvmrp route brief
      Prefix/Length      usNbr/Owner       Metric ExpireTime UpTime Interface         Dvmrp Local          1      Never     26   atm5/0.14         Dvmrp Local          1      Never     26   atm5/0.15             2        121     19   atm5/0.14


    Table 1 lists the show ip dvmrp route command output fields.

    Table 1: show ip dvmrp route Output Fields




    IP address of the network


    Length of the subnet mask for the network


    IP address of the upstream neighbor associated with this route or a description of the origin of the route

    Dvmrp Local

    Route is associated with a directly attached network

    Dvmrp Aggregate

    Route is an aggregate route determined by summarization


    Metric associated with this interface for this route


    Time, in seconds, until the VR starts the process for removing the route


    Length of time, in seconds, that the route has been in the DVMRP routing table


    Type and specifier for the interface, such as atm3/0.


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    Published: 2014-08-19