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    Monitoring DHCP Server and DHCP Relay Agent Statistics


    Display DHCP proxy server statistics


    To display statistics for the DHCP proxy server:

    host1#show dhcp server statistics
     DHCP Proxy Global Statistics
            Messages from Unknown Servers 0
                       DHCP Proxy Server Statistics
         Statistic          Counts        Counts         Counts
    -------------------   -----------   ----------   --------------
    DHCP Server Address
    Discovers sent        0             0            0
    leases granted        0             0            0
    Offers received       0             0            0
    Requests sent         0             0            0
    Acks received         0             0            0
    Naks received         0             0            0
    addresses declined    0             0            0
    addresses released    0             0            0
    Informs sent          0             0            0
    unknown messages      0             0            0
    bad messages          0             0            0


    Table 1 lists the show dhcp server statistics command output fields

    Table 1: show dhcp server statistics Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    DHCP Server Address

    IP address of the server

    Discovers sent

    Number of discover messages sent by the server

    leases granted

    Number of leases granted by the server

    Offers received

    Number of offers sent by the server

    Requests sent

    Number of requests sent to the server

    Acks received

    Number of acknowledgments received from the server

    Naks received

    Number of negative acknowledgments received from the server

    addresses declined

    Number of IP addresses rejected because they were already in use

    addresses released

    Number of IP addresses released back to the server

    Informs sent

    Number of inform messages sent to the server

    unknown messages

    Number of illegal DHCP messages or messages that cannot be handled by the router

    bad messages

    Number of messages not recognized as DHCP messages


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    Published: 2014-08-13