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    Changing the Object Priority

    You can use the ip vrrp track command (in conjunction with the track command) to track an object by its virtual router ID (VRID). When the state of the object changes from an up state to a down state, the priority of the vrid is decremented. When the object changes back to an up state the priority is restored.

    To dynamically change the priority of a virtual router ID (VRID) in response to a change in the state of a specified object:

    1. Track an object by its virtual ID. This example creates a new VRID.
      host1(config-if)#ip vrrp 25 track abc

      Note: Multiple VRIDs can track the same object and a single VRID can track multiple objects.

    2. Specify the value by which the priority must be decremented. This example dynamically changes the priority of the VRID in response to a change in state of object abc.
      host1(config-if)#ip vrrp 25 track abc decrement 15

    Note: For information about the track command, see Managing the System in the JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide.


    Related Documentation


    Published: 2014-08-12