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    Configuring a Destination Profile for Dynamic DVMRP Tunnels

    To configure a destination profile for dynamic DVMRP tunnels:

    1. Configure a destination profile for DVMRP.

      host1(config-dest-profile)#dvmrp destination profile kanata1 virtual-router vr1

    2. Set the source address for the tunnel.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#tunnel source
    3. Set the destination address for the tunnel.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#tunnel destination subnet
    4. (Optional) Set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size for the tunnel.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#tunnel mtu 10240
    5. (Optional) Configure an IP profile with parameters that are used to stack an upper IP interface over a dynamic DVMRP tunnel.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#profile ip-kanata
    6. (Optional) Enable IPsec transport mode.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#enable ipsec-transport
    7. (Optional) Create a multicast VPN tunnel.
      host1(config-dest-profile)#tunnel mdt profile kanata-mdt

    Published: 2014-08-12