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    Preprovisioning Service Sessions

    Preprovisioning service sessions is a technique you can use to improve Service Manager’s performance. Typically, when you use a service definition to activate a subscriber’s service session, Service Manager uses resources to build that service. However, if you later use the same service definition to activate a service session for a second subscriber, Service Manager does not have to rebuild the service—it bases the new service on the service that it built for the first service session. After you deactivate the first session, Service Manager must build a new service for any subsequent subscribers.

    Preprovisioning entails activating a service for a dummy user on the null interface. You can then use the preprovisioned service session to activate service sessions for actual subscribers. This technique improves performance because you only require Service Manager to build the service one time, then reuse the original service when you activate future subscriber service sessions.

    To preprovision a service you use a command similar to the following example:

    host1(config)#service-management subscriber-session dummy interface null service-session “tiered(1000000, 2000000)”

    Published: 2014-08-20