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    Forcing Immediate Deactivation of Subscriber Service Sessions

    You can force the immediate deactivation of the specified subscriber session. Such an action deletes all active service sessions for the subscriber. We recommend this method if you encounter difficulty when you used the graceful deactivation method. Always use the graceful method first.

    To force the immediate termination of a subscriber session and to deactivate all services for the specified subscriber session:

    • Issue the no service-management subscriber-session command in Global Configuration mode by specifying the subscriber session ID with the force keyword.
      host1(config)#no service-management subscriber-session 8 force

      Note: To determine the subscriber session ID of a session you want to deactivate, use the show service-management subscriber-session brief command. The display lists the IDs of all active subscriber sessions and the owner that created the session, such as AAA (RADIUS) or CLI.

      There is no affirmative version of this command; there is only a no version.

    Published: 2014-08-20