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    Installing a Redundant SRP Module

    You can install a redundant SRP module into a running router, provided that the redundant SRP module has a valid, armed software release on its NVS card. Access to a software release in NVS ensures that the redundant SRP module can boot; the release need not be the same as that on the primary SRP module.

    Warning: Do not insert any metal object, such as a screwdriver, or place your hand into an open slot or the backplane when the router is on. Remove jewelry (including rings, necklaces, and watches) before working on equipment that is connected to power lines. These actions prevent electric shock and serious burns.

    Caution: When handling modules, use an antistatic wrist strap connected to the router’s ESD grounding jack, and hold modules by their edges. Do not touch the components, pins, leads, or solder connections. These actions help to protect modules from damage by electrostatic discharge.

    To install a redundant SRP module into a running router:

    1. Install the redundant SRP module into the open SRP slot (slot 6 or 7 for ERX14xx models, the E120 router, and the E320 router; slot 0 or 1 for ERX7xx models).

      For detailed information about installing the SRP module, see the ERX Hardware Guide or the E120 and E320 Hardware Guide.

    2. Wait for the redundant SRP module to boot, initialize, and reach the standby state.
      host1#reload slot 7

      When the module is in standby state, the REDUNDANT LED is on and the ONLINE LED is off. If you issue the show version command, the state field for the slot that contains the redundant SRP module is standby.

    3. Synchronize the NVS file system of the redundant SRP module to that of the primary SRP module.
      host1#synchronize low-level-check all

      Note: The SRP module reboots after synchronization is complete.

    Published: 2014-08-12