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    Configuring Rate Shaping for a Scheduler Node or Queue

    The router supports 64,000 rate shapers per line module. Shaping rates are multiples of 1 Kbps.

    To configure a shaping rate for a scheduler node or queue:

    1. Create a scheduler profile.
      host1(config)#scheduler-profile video host1(config-scheduler-profile)#
    2. Specify a shaping rate in the scheduler profile.
      host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shaping-rate 128000 burst 32767 milliseconds host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shaping-rate 5000 x 90

      The range for the shaping rate is 1–1000000000 bps/Kbps; the default is the minimum shaping rate (1 Kbps). You can set the shaping rate to vary from 1 bps to 1000 Gbps (which is denoted by entering 1000000000 Kbps in the CLI for the shaping-rate command). The router rounds the rate to the next higher 8 Kbps.

      Use the operator and operandValue variables to configure a shaping rate with an expression.

      You can use the bps or kbps keywords to specify the unit of the shaping rate. By default, the shaping rate is configured in bps.

      Use the burst keyword to specify the catch-up number associated with the shaper; the range is 0–522240. Specifying 0 enables the router to select an applicable default value.

      Use the milliseconds or bytes keywords to specify the unit of the burst size.

      Note: The system processes the shaping rate and shared-shaping rate values that are specified in bps and saves the values in terms of kbps. For example, if you specify the shaping rate as 1010 bps, the system converts the specified integer value as a measure of kbps. In this case, only 1000 bps is configured and the remaining floating point values are truncated because the integer for shaping rate can store only the decimal value. However, if you specify the shaping rate as 1010 kbps, the system correctly saves the specified integer value as 1010 kbps without truncation. Therefore, we recommend that you configure the shaping rate and shared-shaping rate values as rounded values if you specify them in bps.

    Published: 2014-08-11