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    Configuring Interface Supersets for QoS

    Tasks to configure an interface superset for QoS include:

    Configuring an Interface Superset

    To configure an interface superset that contains interface sets and logical interfaces:

    1. Create the interface superset.
      host1(config)#qos-interface-super-set vlan-superset-shaping
    2. Specify the parent interface for the superset.
      host1(config-interface-superset)#qos-interface-parent interface tenGigabitEthernet 4/0/0

      You can configure an Ethernet major interface, an ATM major interface, or a LAG for the parent interface. You must define the parent before you add interface sets or subinterfaces to the interface superset.

    Restricting an Interface Superset to an S-VLAN ID or an ATM VP

    When you configure interface supersets for VLANs or ATM VCs, the member interfaces normally span different S-VLAN IDs or ATM VPs.

    Optionally, you can restrict all interface members of a VLAN superset to a specific S-VLAN ID, or all members of an ATM VC to a specific ATM VP.

    To restrict the interface members of an interface superset:

    1. Specify the interface superset.
      host1(config)qos-interface-superset residential-customers
    2. Restrict the interfaces in the interface superset.

      For VLAN supersets, restrict the VLAN subinterfaces to an S-VLAN ID:

      host1(config-qos-interface-superset)#restricted interface tenGigabitEthernet 4/0/0 svlan id 2

      For ATM VC supersets, restrict an ATM VC to an ATM VP:

      host1(config-qos-interface-superset)#restricted interface atm 2/0/0 atm-vp 2

    Published: 2014-08-11