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    Configuring Implicit Constituents for Simple or Compound Shared Shaping

    There are two types of implicit constituents:

    • Simple implicit—Constituents are best-effort node or queues, and all nodes and queues in named traffic-class groups.
    • Compound implicit—Constituents are selected automatically by the software. If a node exists in a given traffic-class group, the node is active and the queues stacked above it are inactive constituents.

    Before you configure implicit constituents:

    To configure implicit constituents:

    1. Create the scheduler profile.
      host1(config)#scheduler-profile implicit
    2. Configure the shared shaper.

      To configure a simple shared shaper:

      host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-rate 128000 bps

      To configure a compound shared shaper:

      host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-rate 128000 burst 32767 compound
    3. (Optional) For compound shared shapers, specify the attributes for the constituent.
      host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-constituent weight 28

      Including this command does not affect how the system selects the compound implicit constituent. If the command is present for a constituent that was implicitly selected, the software configures that constituent using the strict-priority or weight attributes.

    After you configure implicit constituents:

    Published: 2014-08-11