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    Configuring the PPP Peer to Take Precedence of DNS and WINS Addresses

    You can optionally configure the PPP peer to take precedence of DNS and WINS addresses. By default, the DNS and WINS addresses configured on the router take precedence. By configuring the peer to take precedence, you can resolve conflicts when the router and the PPP peer have the primary and secondary DNS and WINS name server addresses configured with different values. You can configure the PPP peer to take precedence from the Interface Configuration Mode, the Subinterface Configuration mode, and the Profile Configuration mode.

    Note: Use the dns keyword or the wins keyword to configure which PPP peer address takes precedence. This command has no effect unless both routers have the address configured and the address is in conflict. If the PPP peer has the address and the router does not, the peer always supplies the address regardless of how you have configured the PPP peer.

    To configure the PPP peer to take precedence of DNS and WINS addresses:

    • (Optional) From the Interface Configuration mode, specify the following command:
      host1(config-if)#ppp peer dns

      Use the no version when you want the router to take precedence during setup negotiations between the router and the peer. If the IP addresses that the peer sends to the router differ from the ones configured on your router, the router returns the values that you configured as the correct values to the peer.


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    Published: 2014-08-14