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    Defining Policy Rules for Forwarding

    The forward next-hop command defines a rule that creates the forwarding solution for packets matching the current CLACL. The forward command can be used while the policy list is referenced by interfaces. The suspend version suspends the forward rule within the classifier group.

    For IPv4 and IPv6 policy lists:

    • You can use the forward interface command to specify multiple interfaces for IPv4 policies and the forward next-hop command to specify next-hop IPv4 or IPv6 addresses as possible forwarding solutions for IPv4 or IPv6 policies. If you define multiple forwarding solutions for a single CLACL, use the order keyword to specify the order in which the router chooses the solutions. The router uses the first reachable solution in the list, starting with the solution with the lowest order value. The default order value is 100.

      Note: The forward interface and forward next-hop commands replace the nest-interface and next-hop commands.

      The switch route processor (SRP) module Fast Ethernet port cannot be the destination of the forward next-hop and forward next-interface commands.

    • If you specify a next-hop address as the forwarding solution, you can specify that the default route is not used as a routing solution for the next-hop address when selecting a reachable forward rule entry.
    • IP interfaces referenced with this command can be tracked if they move. Policies attached to an interface also move if the interface moves. However, statistics are not maintained across the move.
    • You can no longer use an interface specifier of tunnel:mpls with the forward interface command, because that usage requires IP interfaces on top of RSVP-TE tunnels. Such interfaces are no longer present in the redesigned MPLS architecture. However, you can configure a static route for an address that is not otherwise used to point to a tunnel, and then use the forward next-hop command in the policy:
      host1(config)#ip route tunnel mpls:foo host1(config)#ip policy-list bar host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#forward next-hop

    Published: 2014-08-14