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    Switching to an SPT for PIM Sparse Mode for IPv4

    PIM sparse mode initiates multicasting using a shared tree. You can configure PIM sparse mode to switch to an SPT when a source starts sending multicast messages, or you can prevent PIM sparse mode from switching to an SPT. Multicasting over an SPT might be more efficient than multicasting over a shared tree. (See PIM Sparse Mode in Understanding PIM for IPv4 Multicast.)

    To specify the network configuration that PIM sparse mode uses when a source starts sending multicast messages:

    • Issue the ip pim spt-threshold command in Global Configuration mode.
      host1(config)#ip pim spt-threshold

      The no version restores the default value, 0.

    Note: You can configure PIM on IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. However, IPv6 does not support all PIM configuration options. For information about configuring PIM on IPv6 interfaces, see Unresolved xref.

    Published: 2014-08-19