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    Enabling PIM for IPv4 on an Interface

    You can enable PIM on an interface in one of the PIM modes (dense, sparse, or sparse-dense) and specify how often the interface sends hello messages to neighbors.

    You can configure PIM and IGMP on the same interface. If you configure IGMP and PIM on an interface, the router determines that PIM owns the interface.

    Note: You cannot configure DVMRP and PIM on the same interface.

    To enable PIM on an interface:

    1. Enable PIM on an interface in one of the PIM modes. By default, PIM is enabled in dense mode.
      host1(config-if)#ip pim sparse-dense-mode
    2. Specify the interval, in seconds, at which the router sends hello messages to neighbors.
      host1(config-if)#ip pim query-interval 100
    3. Set the graceful restart duration for IP PIM sparse mode.
      host1(config-if)#ip pim sparse-mode graceful-restart-duration 10

    Published: 2014-08-19