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    Configuring the BFD Protocol for PIM for IPv4

    To enable BFD (bidirectional forwarding detection) and define BFD values to more quickly detect PIM data path failures:

    • Issue the ip pim bfd-liveness-detection command in Interface Configuration mode.
      host1(config-if)#ip pim bfd-liveness-detection minimum-interval 800

      Note: Before the router can use the ip pim bfd-liveness-detection command, you must specify a BFD license key. To view an already configured license, use the show license bfd command.

    For details on liveness detection negotiation, see Negotiation of the BFD Liveness Detection Interval in the JunosE IP Services Configuration Guide.

    Note: You can configure PIM on IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. However, IPv6 does not support all PIM configuration options. For information about configuring PIM on IPv6 interfaces, see Unresolved xref.

    Published: 2014-08-19