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    Configuring Dynamic MLPPP

    You can define a profile to dynamically create MLPPP bundles over L2TP on the LNS. The profile consists of commands to define the bundle attributes, just as you would for static configuration. For more information about profiles for dynamic interfaces, see Dynamic Interface Configuration Using a Profile and Configuring MLPPP and PPP Characteristics for a Profile.

    To configure a profile for dynamic MLPPP:

    1. Create a profile by assigning it a name.
      host1(config)#profile dynmlppp
    2. Enable creation of dynamic MLPPP interfaces.
      host1(config-profile)#ppp multilink enable
    3. Specify a virtual router to which dynamic IP interfaces created using this profile will be assigned.
      host1(config-profile)#ip virtual-router egypt
    4. Specify an IP loopback interface with which dynamic IP interfaces created using this profile will be associated.
      host1(config-profile)#ip unnumbered loopback 0
    5. (Optional) Set other desired PPP characteristics by using the ppp commands described in Configuring MLPPP Authentication and Other Attributes.

    Published: 2014-08-14