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    Creating an L2TP Host Profile

    Use the remote host command to define the L2TP host profile and access L2TP Destination Profile Host Configuration mode.

    • Each L2TP destination profile can have multiple L2TP host profiles.
    • For an LAC to connect to an LNS, the appropriate L2TP destination profile must have at least one L2TP host profile.
    • If you specify any name other than default for the remote host, then the LAC must supply the specified hostname in order for the tunnel to be set up. The remote hostname is matched against the hostname AVP in the received Start-Control-Connection-Request (SCCRQ).
    • The remote hostname can be up to 64 characters (no spaces).
    • Example
      host1:boston(config)#l2tp destination profile boston1 ip address host default host1(config-l2tp-dest-profile-host)#
    • Use the no version to remove the L2TP host profile.

      Note: If you modify any attributes of a host profile, all tunnels and sessions using that profile will be dropped.

    Published: 2014-08-20