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    Removing an IPv6 Configuration

    You can remove all available IPv6 routing protocol-related configurations from the virtual router using the no ipv6 command. The previously configured IPv6 policy settings, such as policy lists, classifier lists, and rate-limit profiles, and local address pools for IPv6 subscribers are not removed because these attributes can be configured without configuring an IPv6 license.

    Note: You must configure an IPv6 license using the license ipv6 command before using the IPv6 routing protocol configuration commands on the E Series router.

    To remove an IPv6 configuration from the virtual router.

    • Issue the no ipv6 command in Global Configuration mode.
      host1(config)#no ipv6

      Note: The E Series router automatically starts IPv6 processing when you begin configuring an IPv6 interface. However, by issuing the ipv6 command without using the no option, you can create an IPv6 processing instance with no IPv6 configuration.


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    Published: 2014-08-13