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    Sending Echo Request Packets to the IP Address

    You can send an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) or ICMPv6 echo request packet to a specific IP address using the ping command.

    The following characters can appear in the display after issuing the ping command:

    • !—Reply received
    • .—Timed out while waiting for a reply
    • ?—Unknown packet type
    • A—Address mask request message
    • a—Address mask reply message
    • D—Router discovery advertisement message
    • d—Router discovery request message
    • H—Host unreachable
    • I—Information request message
    • i—Information reply message
    • L—TTL expired message
    • M—Could not fragment, DF bit set
    • m—Parameter problem message
    • N—Network unreachable
    • P—Protocol unreachable
    • Q—Source quench
    • r—Redirect message
    • T—Timestamp request message
    • t —Timestamp reply message
    • U—Destination unreachable

    To send an ICMP echo request packet to the IP address that you specify:

    • Issue the ping command in Privileged Exec mode.
      host1#ping extended interface serial 5/2:1/1

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    Published: 2014-08-13