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    Adding IP Address-MAC Address Validation Pairs

    You can add IP address–MAC address validation pairs using the arp command with the validate keyword. When validation is enabled, all packets with the source IP address received on this IP interface are validated against the IP-MAC entries.

    You can add a validation pair by specify one of the following:

    • ipAddress and macAddress of the interface.
    • ipAddress, interfaceType and interfaceSpecifier (as indicated in Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide ), and an optional MAC address.


    • You can issue this arp command with the validate keyword only for an IP Ethernet-based interface.
    • For subscriber interface configurations, the IP address–MAC address pair must have a matching source prefix that already exists on the subscriber interface. If the matching source prefix does not exist, the IP–MAC address pair is rejected. See Configuring Subscriber Interfaces in the JunosE Broadband Access Configuration Guide for information about using subscriber interfaces.

    To add a validation pair:

    • Issue the arp command with the validate keyword in Global Configuration mode.
      host1(config)#arp gig 2/0 0090.1a00.0170 validate

      Use the no version to remove an entry from the ARP cache.

    Published: 2014-08-13