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    Adding a Description to an IP Interface or Sub-Interface

    You can add a text description or an alias to a static IP interface or subinterface. Adding a description helps you identify the interface and keep track of interface connections. The description or alias can be a maximum of 256 characters. If no IP interface currently exists, then a static IP interface is automatically created on the current layer 2 interface and the description is applied to that static IP interface. You cannot assign a profile to a layer 2 interface that has a static interface configured above it.


    • The ip description command is replacing the description command to assign a description to a static IP interface.
    • Before you configure IP, you must create the lower-layer interfaces over which IP traffic flows.
    • All IP configurations will be removed from the interface when you issue the no ip interface command in Interface Configuration mode.

    To assign a text description or an alias to an IP interface:

    • Issue the ip description command in Interface Configuration mode.
      host1(config-if)#ip description canada01 ip interface

      Note: You can use this command in Subinterface Configuration mode.

      Use the no version to remove the text description or alias.

    Published: 2014-08-13