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    Distributing Routing Table Updates to Line Modules

    You can configure the forwarding table hold-down time allotted after a routing table change for the accumulation of additional updates and the subsequent distribution of the set of routing table changes to the line modules.

    A higher timer value can enhance switch route processor (SRP) performance, but it can also delay the implementation of routing table changes on the line modules. Be aware of the possible effect on network performance before you reconfigure the forwarding table hold-down timer.

    Setting the hold-down timer to zero (0) distributes an update after each change to the routing table, which can degrade SRP performance.

    To configure the forwarding table hold-down time:

    • Issue the forwarding-table route-holddown command in Global Configuration mode.
      host1(config)#forwarding-table route-holddown 15

      Use the no version to set the hold-down timer to the default value, 3 seconds.

    Published: 2014-08-13