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    Configuring IGMP Proxy

    To configure a downstream interface, enable IGMP on that interface. To configure IGMP proxy on the router, complete the following tasks:

    1. Enable IP multicast.

      host1(config)#ip multicast-routing

    2. Identify the interface that you want to act as the upstream interface.
    3. Enable IGMP proxy on that interface.

      host1(config-if)#ip igmp-proxy

    4. (Optional) Specify how often the router sends unsolicited reports to routers on the upstream interface.

      host1(config-if)#ip igmp-proxy unsolicited-report-interval 600

    5. (Optional) Specify how long the router calculates an IGMPv1 querier router to exists on the subnetwork after the router receives an IGMPv1 query on this interface.

      host1(config-if)#ip igmp-proxy V1-router-present-time 600

    Published: 2014-08-19