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    Transferring Files Between the System Space and a Network Host

    To transfer files using the copy command between the system space and a network host:

    1. Determine whether there is a route to the network host, and create one if necessary. See JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide.
    2. Configure the network host as an FTP server, or use a remote host that is configured as a TFTP server.

      Note: This command takes place in the context of the current virtual router rather than the default virtual router. You must configure the FTP server so that any traffic destined for the virtual router can reach the virtual router; typically, you configure the FTP server to reach the default address of the E Series router, which will always be able to reach the virtual router.

    3. Add the FTP server to the static host table, and specify the file transport protocol (FTP or TFTP), so that the E Series router can access the network host. For more information, see Adding or Modifying an Entry in the Host Table.
    4. (Optional) Specify a source interface to use in FTP packets leaving the router. For more information, see Configuring the Source Interface for FTP Packets.
    5. Copy the files. For more information, see Copying a File and Example: Copying a File Using the copy Command.

    Published: 2014-08-12