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    Configuring vty Lines

    The system supports 30 virtual tty (vty) lines for Telnet, SSH, and FTP services. Each Telnet, SSH, or FTP session requires one vty line. When you connect to the router through a vty line, the number of the vty line is not assigned sequentially; instead, the system assigns the first vty line that passes the host access list check rules.

    By default five vty lines (0–4) are open. You can open additional lines using the line vty command. Once lines are open, login is enabled by default. Before users can access the lines, you must configure a password, disable login using the no login command, or configure AAA authentication on the lines. For more information about configuring security for vty lines, see Unresolved xref.

    To configure vty lines and set a password:

    • Open or configure vty lines. You can specify a single line or a range of lines. The range is 0–29.
      host1(config)#line vty 6 10host1(config-line)#

      Use the no version to remove a vty line or a range of lines from the configuration. Lines that you remove will no longer be available for use by Telnet, FTP, or SSH. When you remove a vty line, the system removes all lines above that line. For example, no line vty 6 causes the system to remove lines 6 through 29. You cannot remove lines 0 through 4.

    • Specify a password on a single line or a range of lines. If you enable login but do not configure a password, the system will not allow you to access virtual terminals. Specify a password in plain text (unencrypted) or cipher text (encrypted). In either case, the system stores the password as encrypted.
      • Specify an unencrypted password.
        host1(config-line)#password 0 mypassword
      • Specify a secret.
        host1(config-line)#password 5 y13_x
      • Specify an encrypted password.
        host1(config-line)#password 7 x13_2

      Use the no version to remove the password. By default, no password is specified.

    Published: 2014-08-12