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    Determining the Encrypted Values for Usernames and Passwords

    To determine the encrypted values for usernames and passwords entered in cleartext, you must do the following:

    1. Issue the service password-encryption command. This causes subsequently issued show configuration commands to generate encrypted forms of the username and password for this command, as well as for all other commands that support encryption. For more information about the service password-encryption command, see Setting Basic and Enable Password Parameters.
      host1(config)#service password-encryption host1(config)#host test ftp nick nick host1(config)#end
    2. Issue the show configuration command and search for the host command. The encrypted forms are preceded by the number 8.
      host1#show config | inc host
      hostname "host1"
      host test ftp 8 CU&l,XM(S 8 X=emZn>'S
    3. Copy and paste the command showing the encrypted forms into a macro or script to use as desired. Specify the number 8 before the username and before the password to enter an encrypted value.

    Published: 2014-08-12