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    Changing the Metric for a Route

    The metric for DVMRP is hop count. For example, a route with two hops over a slow serial line is preferable to a route with three hops over a faster optical line.

    The router increases the number of DVMRP routes in incoming reports by a default metric of one and in outgoing reports by a default of 0. You can change the metric for an interface to promote or demote the preference for associated routes.

    To adjust the number of hops associated with a route:

    • Issue the ip dvmrp metric-offset command in Interface Configuration mode. This action specifies that the route is more efficient or less efficient than an alternative route.
      host1:boston(config-if)#ip dvmrp metric-offset in 3

      Use the no version to revert to the default settings: 1 for incoming reports and 0 for outgoing reports.

    Published: 2014-08-19