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    Using the Giaddr to Identify the Primary Interface for Dynamic Subscriber Interfaces

    When creating dynamic subscriber interfaces, the router builds the dynamic interfaces on the associated primary interface. By default, the router identifies the primary interface based on the interface on which DHCP client discover packets are received. The router then builds all dynamic interfaces on that primary interface.

    In some cases you might want more control over the determination of the primary interface and you might not want to use the primary interface that is determined by the default behavior. The JunosE Software enables you to configure DHCP relay to use information in the giaddr in DHCP ACK messages to specify which interface is to be used as the primary interface. This capability allows you to build dynamic interfaces on the primary interface of your choice.

    • To use information in the giaddr to identify the primary interface for dynamic subscriber interfaces:
      host1(config)#set dhcp relay giaddr-selects-interface

    Published: 2014-08-20